Efficient monitoring of a wide area can lead to prevention and defence which will save lives and keep safe critical infrastructures and information.

Solutions are provided for accessing the unmanned platforms (air/ground vehicles) using deployable long range communications networks. The choice of long range communications infrastructure is based to WiMAX and LTE due to their scalability, robustness and unhindered coverage in difficult areas, providing an environment for connection-oriented services. Additionally relay stations can be utilised in order extend the communication bubble and ensure excellent coverage and provision of high bandwidth per mobile usage.

UAV Platforms

The UAV platforms have become an active part of multimodal surveillance systems. Thus, their communication with the other parts of the surveillance system is essential. The solutions provided in terms of communication and data links are fast-deployed interoperable network infrastructures incorporating UAVs communication systems as well as development of data links for cooperative networking of UxV swarms. Additionally, we have developed an autonomous flying robot for reconnaissance purposes equipped with lightweight sensors.