FINoT Platform is the next generation Sensor Network Platform that delivers value through the smart interconnection of adaptive controls

The technology that we applied to our devices makes them capable to capture and transmit data in real time providing emerging insights for innovative applications and services.

By adapting FINoT to the Business Process Mapping, any end-user can improve his product’s Life Cycle through the intelligently connected devices. This will increase the value he delivers to customers by gains in:
  • energy consumption
  • real-time monitor
  • maintenance and support of infrastructure

In other words our solutions break down the communication and business silos of the industrial sector’s actors through a win-win model that enables mass adoption of innovative technology. We are applying this scheme to: Smart Cities, Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Control, Resources’ Management and Security.

We know exactly what end-users are looking for and we design our products in order to deliver these values:
  • increased operational performance by optimizing processes and costs
  • improve customer relationships by enriching their experience
  • generate new revenue streams by creating new offers and business models.
On the other hand one can see that current IoT enabling solutions “do not convince” decision makers for “mentality” change while still do not have the required interoperability level and most solutions are based on proprietary standards. Future Intelligence is a leading manufacturer of IoT systems and is focusing on delivering the above described values as a one-shop-stop solution provider for the interoperable smart city and smart agriculture industries.

By selecting FINoT, a partner gets all necessary wireless communication modules and modular software components that enable him to interconnect and manage any type of sensor/actuator in order to increase his client’s productivity. FINoT platform can be expand both horizontally and vertically while is fully integrated with an OPEN API platform.

FINoT solutions are available as:
  • wholesale of electronic devices
  • autonomous systems
  • Software as a Service plans
  • combinations of the previous for tailor made customer needs
  • supply of value-added re-sellers


End-to-end FINoT

We offer custom solutions to provide integrated end-to-end services, from the lamp to the user interface.

Infrastructure Study

Our team will manufacture the most effective smart outdoor lighting system, to achieve power savings, efficient monitoring and real-time maintenance of the infrastructure.

Installation and Configuration

Our engineers will configure and carefully install the hardware which will then develop on the “intelligence” of our products.

After Sale

After-sales, customized infrastructure maintenance packages enable our customers to manage their infrastructure based on their particular needs.

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