The cornerstone of Future Intelligence’s applications on Smart Farming is the FINoT Objects and FINoT Platform product line: the only IoT equipment exclusively designed and manufactured in Greece.

The appropriate sensor controllers along the Wireless Network components (nodes edges and collectors) create an IoT infrastructure that acquires, processes and buffers microclimate conditions to a cloud platform and then via a Web Interface to end-users.
As soon as the field’s data efficiently reach the Web then a whole new world of end-to-end applications and services is opened to our partners. Special attention must be paid to added-value creation for every business entity in the respective chain as well as the appropriate balance between transparency, privacy and safety for the users.

Future Intelligence's approach is officially included in European Commission’s recommendations reports for best practices in IoT smart farming (AIOTI WG6). More precisely, this relates to both technologies and standards and services and business models to be in place within the under development community.

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