A Complete Solution for Real-Time Sensor Data Acquisition and Advanced Analytics

Future Intelligence has developed FINoT platform as a versatile solution that effectively apply IoT in various industries, while facilitating the creation of an ecosystem through data reuse and treating IoT-enabled devices in industries as a wide audience commodity. Our company is continuously developing new devices (or FINoT Objects as we call them) that can facilitate various sensors that can easily be applied in different applications. All the devices are also compatible with FINoT Lighting but they can also operate as standalone Smart Cities devices. FINoT Objects are capable to manage:

  • Waste: weight sensors, waste basket capacity sensors
  • City air quality: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3, PM10
  • Smart cities noise: noise sensor
  • Parking: proximity, occupancy

Increase your revenue, decrease your cost

By combining FINoT Lighting with FINoT Objects, owners obtain the opportunity to access real time information and sense the environment at the places where the infrastructure is installed while at the same moment to have huge savings associated with energy-efficient smart LED lighting.

Enhance your infrastructure with Cost-effective Parking availability information

Improve overall parking experience by enhancing FINoT Objects for Parking. Our solution offers a cost-effective solution for real-time parking availability information, based on video-analytics, in order to save patrons time, provide safety and security while can be expanded and integrated with other FINoT Objects.

Provide Public Safety and Security

FINoT Objects for Parking can provide real-time video analytics offering pro-active information about incidents and events like entering forbidden areas, not authorized presence, loitering and license plate recognition allowing the owners to respond promptly and protect their assets. Any event can trigger the rest of the infrastructure in order to raise awareness, for example a not authorized presence based on location analytics may trigger the LED lighting infrastructure to light up and event follow the person/vehicle by lighting up specific Lighting sectors towards his/its leaving direction. The solution can be applied for perimeter detection, city streets, parking lots and campuses.

Effective Location Analytics

By enabling Location Analytics through FINoT Objects, the owner will generate essential insights for operational and marketing metrics. By building a sensor network, applications like waste management, air quality and weather information, noise and parking can be smoothly combined in a single platform. FINoT platform can provide both wireless data transmission and edge-intelligence, sending back analytics, alerts and sensor tracking data to a central cloud infrastructure called FINoT Cloud.

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